Campaign Details

In August of 2014, the Alpha Tau House Corporation Board voted to initiate a capital fundraising campaign to raise funds for major renovations to the Sigma Chi chapter house at UNC.

The last major renovation was done in 1994, and over time the house has fallen into a state where ongoing repairs simply are not practical.   The renovation will be comprehensive, and fundraising of this magnitude will take time.

We need your help!  Our initial goal is $1.5 Million to complete the renovation (this may change as we develop a firm design and budget).  We already have some contributors on board, but we are just getting started.  Why such a large number?  We need funds not only for the demolition and renovation construction, but also for the design, engineering, and consulting fees.  We also want to build a better alumni relations program, with regularly scheduled functions held at the house with actives and Alpha Tau alumni.   Most of the work that has been done so far has been paid for out of the pockets of a few brothers who want to get the ball rolling.   Our initial goal is to have the renovation begin in May of 2017.

We are actively working towards a full needs evaluation, schematic design, and budget for the complete renovation of the house.   Our intention is to use this website to update information on the fundraising progress, the design progress (and even design input options), and then finally the construction progress updates will be posted here as well.

We need your help now!  If you would like to donate funds, please use send a check or use the online form for credit card donations.  If you would like to contribute your time, other resources, or materials to the campaign, please contact us using the contact form.   Or, signup for the newsletter and we’ll send you news, updates and progress reports on the house.

Remember, the chapter house is just like any other property.  It needs maintenance and repairs.  Someone did it for you when you were there, now it’s your turn to step up and contribute to your legacy and preserve the future of Sigma Chi at UNC!

Thank you for your donation.

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