New Front Doors & Summer Repairs

After each school year, the House always needs a few repairs and renovations. The minor work involves patching holes (go figure), painting, trim work, water leak prevention, and other exciting topics.

Our big project for the summer of 2019 is replacing the front doors of the Alpha Tau house.

Nearly one hundred years of students and Sigma Chi Alpha Tau have passed through the front doors at 102 Fraternity Court. Those double doors have seen:

  • Seven celebrations of UNC men’s basketball national championships
  • World War II & the Vietnam draft come & go
  • Countless Derby Days and hundreds¬†of social events
  • Many, many “wayyy-ohhh” abductions
  • Initiations, chapter meetings, and thousands of beer pong tournaments
  • Who knows what else?

These doors have served as the gateway to our chapter for a century, and now need replacement. The current doors are in such bad shape, they’re easy to kick in (just ask the UNC baseball team…a story for the next Lowdown).

Thanks to contributions from both alumni and students, we’ll be getting started in the next month.

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