Fall 2020 Plans & Summer Updates

Fall Safety Plans & Procedures

The House Corp has been working closely with UNC, Orange County Health Dept, and an EX AT alumnus doctor to develop policies and procedures for this Fall semester.

A few major changes for this semester that were necessary:

  • No social events
  • Wearing masks at all times in common areas, in accordance with UNC policy
  • Protocols for positive tests
  • Different strategies for serving meals, having guests, and more

You can read the full safety planĀ here, which has been submitted to UNC and the Orange County Health Dept also.

While it doesn’t cover every scenario nor everything possible, it serves as a framework for the students to assume responsibility and adherence.

It’s a tough pill to swallow for everyone involved. The faster we get through this, the faster things get back to (new) normal.

Summer Repairs & Fixes

As we do every summer, we’re undergoing a round of repairs. This summer, we’re working on:

  • Sparkly chapter room floor
  • New landscaping to add a dash of charm
  • Patching holes, painting, and restoring sanity to the walls

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