2018 Summer Renovation Wrap Up

The Summer Renovation Wrap-Up

The students have returned, bringing with them the mayhem, cheap beer, occasional studying, and good times that we recall.

That also means we’re done with big repairs and renovations for the summer.

Dumpster Day was a smashing success, too. In less than 2 hours we filled a 20 yard dumpster. That item getting smashed in the pic below…wait for it…the ramshackle make-shift bar that lived in The Triple for many years. It had to go for the remodel…sorry, not sorry.

Here’s a recap of how the money you and your fellow alumni contributed went to good use:


Bedroom renovations – New floors, patch and paint all walls, new LED lights, new bathroom floors in Chapter Room ($27,240)

Sprinkler recall – replace all sprinkler heads ($5,487)

Chimney & Roof Repair – major overhaul of water leak prevention around main chimney, and 3 new chimney caps ($5,000)

Painting of the Chapter Room and main floor, except Kitchen ($4,000)

New LEDs lights – upstairs hallway & Miles Lawson room ($1,250)

Replace and re-key kitchen door ($750 paid for by students)

New shower platforms to minimize water damage ($465)

Patch 3 holes ($450 paid for by students)

New attic stairwell ($380)

Misc work ($95)

Note that the new Johnny Sparrow plaque is installed, along with the new Miles Lawson plaque. Room naming plaques going up this Fall.

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