The Lowdown – Best Night Ever?

The Sigma Chi – Alpha Tau chapter hosted “The Lowdown” ┬áSaturday night, April 22nd. The first of its kind, over 50 people attended this reunion, revival, and night of epic storytelling.

The current and alumni brothers kicked off the evening by enjoying the warm Spring weather, the always delicious Allen & Son BBQ, and a few frosty beverages. After dinner wound down, the fun began.

House Corp members Matthew Davis and John Ruocchio spelled out the vision for the event. They handed off the evening and emcee duties to Neal Reddy, whose stand-up comedy background fit perfectly with the evening.

Delivering stories were alums Will Sheppard (2001), Greg Beatty (1997), Ned McMillan (1968), Johnny Sparrow (1971), Jon Flora (2002), Tony Rodono (2002), Zack Hamm (1988), and Matthew Davis (1998). Two active brothers also shared a tale or three, and everyone in attendance gave former House Corp president of 20 years, Joel Miles, a standing ovation.

If you’re hoping to hear more about the stories, you are out of luck. You’ll need to make it to the next Lowdown. We can say that incredibly good times were had by all, with numerous reports of faces hurting from laughing too hard. While “best night ever” may be taking things too far, it was a damn good time.

We’ll look to move The Lowdown to the Fall, and host it in conjunction with a football weekend.

We did get a few pics to share.



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